The one-man heathen army, James McBain, aka Scottland’s Hellripper has set loose upon the moors his latest bastard creation. A fearsome, blackened speed metal track in the vein of Motörhead with more than a hint of homage to Midnight and Hellhammer.

McBrain calls it “Vampire’s Grave,” and you can check it out below:

“Vampire’s Grave” is the second single McBain has released this year for his up-and-coming LP The Affair Of The Poisons set for release on October 9 through Peaceville Records.

The single is apparently inspired by a real-life event that took place in Glasgow, Scotland in 1954 known as the “Hunt for the Gorbals Vampire.” McBain explains:

Over the course of a few nights in 1954, hundreds of young children descended upon the Glasgow Necropolis armed with stakes and crosses in search of a large, vampiric creature with blood-red eyes that they believed was responsible for killing and devouring kids with its iron fangs.”

The incident apparently kicked off a countrywide hysteria with children claiming to encounter numerous horrors throughout the course of the year.

Pulp-horror comic books from the United States were blamed for the children’s panic, and it led to the passage of the Children and Young Persons (Harmful Publications) Act in 1955. The Act allows the government to ban comic books and other materials on the basis that they may have a detrimental influence on miners, a law that still stands on the books today.

The Affair Of The Poisons will be McBain ‘s second LP with Hellripper. Earlier this year, he released the single “Spectres of the Blood Moon Sabbath,” which will also appear on the album, and which you can check out here:

Preorder The Affair Of The Poisons via Peaceville here.


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