News: John-Allison Weiss Announces New Album

John-Allison Weiss has announced new album, The Long Way, their first album in seven years.

The Long Way is due out in 2023 on February 17 via Get Better Records. In addition, John-Allison has released a single, “Feels Like Hell.”

The record laces together 11 tracks in which Weiss embodies the spirit of rebirth born of change, the opportunity to sit perfectly still with oneself and enquire to the deepest needs of your spirit.

The Long Way put listeners on a path where they can find themselves in a way only trust where it leads. The record celebrates new beginnings and the idea of the unknown.

The Long Way Tracklist:

1. “Dust Storm”
2. “Different Now”
3. “Tell Me to Go”
4. “Feels Like Hell”
5. “Miss Me”
6. “New Day / Old Ghost”
7. “Can’t Stand”
8. “Next Thing I Knew”
9. “Sumdaze”
10. “The Long Way”
11. “Young Love”

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