News: Loma Prieta Announce New Album

San Francisco hardcore punk band, Loma Prieta, is set to release their latest album “Last” on June 30 with label, Deathwish Inc. The first single off of the album, “Glare” was released today along with an music video to accompany it.

“Last” will be the fourth full length album from the band, a long awaited release as their last LP “Self Portrait” was released in 2015. The new album is comprised of eleven songs, each one showcasing the evolution of the band’s sound and lyrical commentary on the complexities of human nature.

On the most recent single, front-man Sean Leary commented, ” “Glare’ is a song talking about the two meanings of the word ‘glare’ and where they intersect. A blinding brightness vs. a hateful stare, more simply, light vs. dark. Within this, a metaphor about how light and dark play with our sight, same as love and hate cloud our mind; Love and hate are so closely tied in the human psyche, becoming confusingly similar in tone when felt full-on. Musically, this track runs the gamut of these strong diametric opposites- beginning contemplative, moving into hatred and rage, concluding with bright, cathartic triumph.”

The album is available to preorder here. They will also be touring on the album this summer.

Photo courtesy of Loma Prieta.

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