With recently released album ‘Daughter’ being a breathtaking adventure into indie, Lydia Loveless unveils a video for the final single from the album September.

Directed by Michael Casey and Loveless, the stirring piano ballad is accompanied with a simplistic video approach that sympathies with the track perfectly. 

“‘September’ is a song about the loneliness and ache of being a teenager. I wanted to depict that in the video without being too personal, and we thought Bridget and Kyle would be the perfect people to star in it,” explains Loveless. “There’s nothing I love more than not being in my own video, so I loved just watching everyone get into character and tell this sad story in front of me.” 

‘Daughter’ features a personal side to elegant songwriting, and showcases an artist that’s not frightened to get personal with her tunes. Documenting personal upheaval, including diverse and moving away from her longtime home, Lydia Loveless channels her vibrant personality and serves it on a silver platter. 

Check out our issue featuring Loveless here. 


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