News: Michael Cooke – “Losing My Mind for Nothing”

Glasgow artist Michael Cooke had wanted to be an Olympic athlete. After an injury, he turned to acting, appearing in Now You See Me 2 and Outpost 3. He even found himself up against the same roles as his twin brother. Michael Cooke eventually turned to music. Inspired by 60s folk rock and 00s singer-songwriters, Cooke’s album “Doin Alright” is set for a November 2nd release.  

In the video for “Losing My Mind for Nothing,” we hear poppy acoustic guitar riffs and endearing vocals. The video shows cuts between an older woman having flashbacks to her younger self. It’s as if she’s retracing her steps or occupying two times simultaneously. The video ends with her pulling a sheet off of a mirror to reveal her younger self staring back at her. It’s a very sweet and emotionally affecting video.  

1. Losing My Mind For Nothing 

2. Run All Night 

3. Into the Horizon

4. Shed a Little Light 

5. I Want You to Know 

6. Same Old Song

7. In A Dream 

8. Doin Alright

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