News: Militarie Gun Release John Lennon Cover

LA punk band Militarie Gun released a cover of John Lennon’s song “Gimme Some Truth.”

The cover song is part of Image Comics’ What’s the Furthest Place From Here Deluxe Issue 6, which comes with a split seven-inch record of Militarie Gun’s John Lennon cover and Gulch’s cover of the Pixies’ “Monkey Gone to Heaven.”

“I’ve always felt a connection to this particular song, but I had never really intellectualized it,” says the band’s frontman, Ian Shelton, regarding the cover. “ Once I started sending this cover to friends, people were pointing out that the things he’s singing about are the same stuff that I’m always talking about. My main gripe in life is typically contradiction and hypocrisy—whether it be from politicians or peers—I hate seeing someone’s mouth running but their actions doing the opposite.”

The new single is now streaming on all platforms, and the seven-inch record and comic book can be preordered off Image Comics’ website.

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