News: Moor Mother Unveils ‘All the Money’ Second Track from Upcoming Album and Sinister New Video

Moor Mother, aka Camae Ayewa, announced her new album The Great Bailout out March 8. Ayewa has released the second track, a sinister composition, “All the Money,” that unveils the atrocities of British slavery, including how it was paid for and then obscured.  This is an ominous display for both voice and instrument.

Co-produced by Alya Al Sultani and Vijay Ayer, the song explores the profits derived from African enslavement in Great Britain. Both artists’ samples were given to Ayewa, who used them in the track.

Ayawe explains of this track, “Research is a major part of my work, and researching history—particularly African history, philosophy, and time—is a major interest. Europe and Africa have a very intimate and brutal relationship throughout time. I’m interested in exploring that relationship of colonialism and liberation, in this case in Great Britain.”

I highly recommend you watch this video. It’s telling in that we see all the corruption and evil that remains in the air, the residual pain from using humans as capital. “All the Money” is an eerie depiction of the heinous crimes committed against human lives. Believe me when I say her voice will haunt you.

Watch “All the Money” below.

The track revolves around the Slavery Abolition Act of 1835. This is significant because it enabled the British government to borrow £20 million, or £17 billion in modern currency, to pay compensation to the 46,000 slave owners who were losing their property (human capital) because of the legal abolition of slavery. This was one of the largest loans ever given, and it was paid off in 2015.  It is indicated that all descendants of the enslaved people, including the so-called “Windrush Generation,” contributed to the debt repayment, which was partially covered by U.K. taxpayers. There is so much to learn, and I think we need to listen carefully.  The last words in the song, “the storm keeps raging,” will leave chills.

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Photo Credit: Ebru Yildiz

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