The word Thanatotheristes literally translates into “death harvester.” It was the name given to a genus of tyrannosaurid dinosaur that lived millions of years ago. Furthermore, it was the name chosen to represent the one-man, brutal death metal project out of Denver, Colorado. Little may be known about the extreme solo artist, but one thing for certain is that he creates what is referred to as “Denver Dino Death,” according to his Bandcamp.

On the debut, four-track EP, Harvester, Thanatotheristes flips on the Mortician switch, generating one gruesome atmosphere filled with flesh-ripping riffs. Deep, low growls overlay a low-end and boggy mix, catering to the primal nature of the EP’s overall sound. Solo member Wil programs a variety of percussive elements that range from speedy, double-bass grooves to blast beats.

Weaving in and out of those lightning-fast double bass segments, the self-titled opener “Harvester” comes packed with a mix of heavy and fast components. A thundering introduction ignites “Hypercarnivorous Intoxication,” transitioning into an OSDM-style, “two beat” drum beat.

The second half of the EP is where Wil executes some of his finer string-work. The festering “Cosmic Decimation” and dooming neck-breaker, “The God of Death Lives Forever,” both showcase a wealth of highly addictive, death-metal riffing. This cave dwelling, prehistoric offering is highly recommended to those who like their death metal muddy and cavernous.

Harvester track list:

1. Harvester
2. Hypercarnivorous Intoxication
3. Cosmic Decimation
4. The God of Death Lives Forever

Follow Thanatotheristes on Bandcamp here.

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