Pitchshifter has dug into their archives to unearth their original demo recordings which they plan to rerelease on cassette as 1990Demo + on August 21, 2020 through Ripcord Records. 

1990Demo + will be available on physical cassette in a limited quantity of 100 hand-numbered copies with new artwork designed by frontman J.S. Clayden. 

The original demo recordings were never available commercially and the six-track release documents early versions of songs that would eventually be redrafted and appear on Pitchshifter’s debut Industrial

Speaking on the relevance of the demo to the Pitchshiter’s discography, bassist and founder Mark Clayden had the following to say:

“It was a snapshot of our lives, and how frustrated we were with everything around us in the military-industrial complex as we saw it at that time (and, newsflash, folks, nothing much seems to have changed in three decades…). I had no idea at that time that a few copies of a C-60 audio cassette made in an attic would be the start of the next 25 years of my life.”

You can preorder 1990 Demo+ from Rip Chord Records here.

1990 Demo+ Track list:
1. Brutal Cancroid
2. Catharsis
3. Inflamator
4. Landfill
5. Skin Grid
6. Eye
7. Gravid Rage

Pitchshifter formed in 1989 by guitarist/programmer Johnny Carter and bassist/vocalist Mark Clayden help ward off the doldrums of living in their hometown of Nottingham. After recruiting Mark’s younger brother Jon they developed a sound fusing punk, industrial metal, drum & bass, and breakbeat. The sounds of disparate scenes in the UK underground all found a home in Pitchshifter, eventually resulting in the breakout success of their singles “Microwaved” and “Genius” off of their 1998 album .com. Pitchshifter called it a day in 2002, going on indefinite hiatus following the release of their sixth LP PSI. They later reformed for a string of tour dates in 2018. 

Check out the classic video for “Genuise” below:


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