Plain White T’s acoustic single “Hey There Delilah” became an undeniable sensation, making it to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart two years after its 2005 release on All That We Needed. Now, that album will receive a vinyl release for the first time in celebration of its 15-year anniversary.

The band’s third album, All That We Needed, was the beginning of a move beyond pop-punk influences to a more pop friendly sound. Producers Ariel Rechtshaid (now known for work with Vampire Weekend, Haim, and Charli XCX) and Loren Israel (Jimmy Eat World, Less Than Jake, Sugarcult) helped to push the band’s sound further into that territory.

“With this crazy year, and everyone staying home more, I feel like the experience of listening to an album on vinyl is more relevant now than ever,” says guitarist/vocalist Tom Higgenson. “I can’t wait to hold this album and hear it in a brand-new way, 15 years after releasing it. All That We Needed changed everything for us. I’m so proud to finally have it come out on vinyl.”

Pre-order All That We Needed on vinyl here.


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