Sludge legends Primitive Man are back after three years, bringing with them news of their devastating third album, Immersion, due for release August 14 via Relapse Records. The crushing debut single, “The Lifer,” can be heard below.

On this single, frontman Ethan McCarthy comments:

“The Lifer” is about being cursed with and unable to shed the desire to create. The lack of financial security that comes with that. It is also about the ever-present, on-the-road psychosis touring musicians get as well as the enemies you meet along the way.

Adding to the album’s darkness, a pervasive, lyrical anxiety erodes throughout the record. A stark look at a mirror, Immersion‘s themes tackle sobering views on existential crises, a general distrust among another, and the current state of the world. McCarthy elaborates:

Souring your view on your existence and everything you had worked towards … allowing yourself to become possessed by the darkest parts of your mind that you have carried around your entire life and not dealt with.

Immersion Track List
1. The Lifer
2. Entity3. Menacing
4. ∞
5. Foul
6. Consumption

Immersion is due for release August 14 via Relapse Records and is available to pre-order here.


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