Metal label Prosthetic Records have teamed up with underground promoter Mathcore Index for a one-of-a-kind show.  The show is being marketed as an unofficial SXSW showcase.  It will take place in Austin, Texas in March and feature a number of underground and alternative genre style bands. 

Bands sharing the bill include: Meth and Amygdala both on a part of the Prosthetics Records family, For Your Health, Shin Guard, Olam, Glassing and DSGNS. 

Seb Alvarez of the band Meth assisted in picking the entire lineup and said, “I’m excited to have had the opportunity to put this line up together. There is a very diverse amount of music and people you encounter when touring. It’s refreshing to be able to bring said people from everywhere and share a show together based on everyone’s drive to make music and everyone’s camaraderie with one another.”

The official scheduled date for the show is March 19 in Austin, Texas. Doors will be at 1:00 p.m.

Check out Prosthetic Records here.

More details about Mathcore Index here.


Macie is a lifelong metal fan and music journalist. Thrash is her #1 and she loves a good eighties hair metal jam. She is still waiting for the second-coming of grunge.

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