While many Silverstein fans know the band best for providing accessible staple tracks to the post-hardcore genre, the band has continued on with an aim toward avoiding a nostalgia-driven existence. Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, Silverstein also released their 9th album, A Beautiful Place To Drown. Their new music video for “Madness” features rising rapper Princess Nokia and shows the band’s commitment to pushing forward.

The music video for “Madness” washes over footage of the band playing in kaleidoscopic colors and effects. Psychedelic. Paired with the band’s well-known blend of hooky clean vocals and intense, yet almost melodic screaming and the guest verse from Nokia, it’s an apt fit to the band’s catalog.

Silverstein recently rescheduled their 20th anniversary tour dates due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The tour will feature three sets from the band: Discovering The Waterfront played in full, acoustic versions of their songs, and a set of fan favorites.

Stream or purchase A Beautiful Place To Drown here.


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