News: Steve Zing to Reissue ’80s Hardcore Punk Project Mourning Noise

Former Samhain and current Danzig member Steve Zing is preparing to reissue the complete recordings of his ’80s, hardcore-punk band, Mourning Noise. The self-titled album will arrive July 2 via Cleopatra Records and will include the songs from band’s 1983 seven-inch, Dawn of the Dead, as well as an unreleased LP and studio outtakes. The CD version will also include a live performance on the legendary WFMU.

This macabre punk project gets a full endorsement from Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig main man Glenn Danzig, who wrote the introduction for the liner notes. Zing himself penned the rest of the liner notes, which include the complete history of the band. Preorder your copy of Mourning Noise on CD or blue, pink, or red vinyl here, and enjoy the video for “Day of the Dead” below. It’s made up of vintage Mourning Noise performance clips. 

Steve Zing grew up in Lodi, NJ with Misfits Eerie Von and Doyle. He was heavily influenced by the Misfits, and his own career has intertwined with theirs. He played drums on the first two records from Samhain, Glenn Danzig’s post Misfits project. He also played drums and bass for the more recent Samhain reunions. He played drums in The Undead, Bobby Steele’s underrated post Misfits project. He played with Davey Havok in the heavily Danzig influenced Son of Sam. He is currently the touring bassist for Danzig.

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