LA shoegaze and dream pop duo Teenage Wrist have dropped a new single “Silverspoon.” You can check it out below.

You may have thought that the shoegaze revival was over and done back in 2015 but you’d be wrong! Teenage Wrist joins Early Eyes on Epitaph’s roster in an apparent bid to grab the attention of people who aren’t actually old enough to remember Ride in their heyday.

Speaking on their new single Teenage Wrist explains:

“’Silverspoon’” is a song we’ve had in the bank for several years now,” explains vocalist and guitarist Marshall Gallagher, “something I started before we even wrote all of ‘Chrome Neon Jesus’.  We made a few changes to fill up the blank space, and it ended up poking its head out during the recording process this spring. Originally, we thought it was going to be the last track on the record, kind of a deep sleeper, but everyone ended up loving it so much by the end that it got bumped to single number one.”

Last year, Teenage Wrist released their 3-song EP Counting Flies which featured the heavy-hitting single “Mary.”

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