News: Telling Secrets Hunts The Killer in Noir Detective Video ‘Case Closed’

Telling Secrets have dropped a stylish noir video for alternative rock anthem “Case Closed”.

The track is taken from their new debut album, Telling Secrets I. The collection of uplifting modern rock anthems is adorned with arena-ready breakdowns and soaring injections of melody.

Explaining the story behind the shoot, frontman Vik Kovacs shares: “’Case Closed’ was the last song I wrote on the album. I actually wrote it with the visuals in mind. I am a huge fan of both Humphrey Bogart and Batman, who is a detective(!). The idea was to create a police detective / gangster story based in the 1940s for the music video, especially as The Bat-Man First Knight comic book series came out earlier this year which is set in 1939 and made for some great inspiration.”

The secret is out. Led by Vik Kovacs, alternative rock emergent Telling Secrets have burst onto the scene with a string of outstanding singles. Rooted in rock but perennially dexterous in delivery, Kovacs cites influences that include Led Zeppelin, Sleep Token, and Falling in Reverse.

Their new, debut album Telling Secrets I vouches for this melting pot of inspiration. The tracks are as diverse as they are dynamic, and heavy juxtaposes deftly with melodic. Indeed, classic and modern rock influence duel at every bend. The multifaceted Kovacs tapped Matt McAndrew (Rain City Drive), Elliot Polokoff (Cemetery Sun), and Rachel Blum (Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B) for production and engineering.

Despite the star-studded cast behind the controls, it’s Telling Secrets’ penmanship that stands proud. Acclaim has already begun, with last year’s “Fall Behind” winning first place at the Indie International Songwriting Network Awards. Kovacs’ home country of Hungary followed suit, awarding him the prestigious Petofi Radio Single Award for “Fragile.”

Featuring a stacked set of anthemic rock ragers, Telling Secrets I is a spectacular first entry. Amidst the gloss of the cinematic production and scintillating instrumentation sits a collection of heart-on-sleeve and unerringly relatable tracks, with Kovacs forging an immediate connection with his quickly growing audience.

Photo courtesy of Telling Secrets

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