Fresh face Kentucky garage rockers The Archaeas has just announced the release of their debut album on Goner Records. The self-titled LP will be out September 18, 2020.

In addition, The Archaeas has released the first single off of the forthcoming record, the mud and fuzz caked rinser “Reality Commander.” Check it out below:

The band describes the single as a reflection on “[t]he struggle for self actualization in an environment that makes it very difficult to achieve.”

The song is inspired by the 1999 grindhouse comedy and vehicle for Japenese noise rock rambler rousers Guitar Wolf, Wild Zero. The story revolves around the friendship and camaraderie formed between the amp blasting Wolfs and the film’s trans heroine as they battle a zombie plague from outer space. Lead singer Violet has cited the film as one of her inspirations for starting the band and for helping her process her own experience of being a trans-person in the world. Guitar Wolf’s record Wolf Rock! was the first official release by Goner Records which helps wrap a nice little bow around Archaeas’ signing a deal with the label.

Pre-order The Archaeas self-titled album through Goner Records here.


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