New York ska stalwarts The Slackers have released two brand new songs, out now on Pirate Press Records.

“Nobody’s Listening / Sleep Outside” are lyrically poignant and timely, and manage to be both nostalgic and new in their sound. The Slackers have been a hugely important band in the ska/reggae genre for over 30 years now, and clearly not even a global pandemic can slow them down.

Pirate Press have re-released three of the bands’ most iconic albums, most recently they re-released Live at Ernesto’s – widely regarded as a staple in their discography – putting it on vinyl for the first time ever. Previously they put out 1997’s Red Light and 1996’s Peculiar

The Slackers celebrated the re-release of Live at Ernesto’s by doing a live stream on August 2, recreating their set from 2000 and including the two new songs; with The Pietasters, Bar Stool Preachers, Catbite and DJ Boss Harmony supporting. You can still get tickets and watch the rebroadcast HERE.

Grab the awesome digitally printed 12” single HERE on glorious 45 RPM vinyl, and check out the video for “Sleep Outside” below.


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