News: Therion Release Video for Track ‘Codex Gigas’

Symphonic metallers Therion have released a killer video for the track “Codex Gigas” from their new album Leviathan II, which is out now. “Codex Gigas” is a jewel in the crown that is Leviathan II, possibly the best record Therion has done in their storied, 35-year career. Not many independent metal bands can boast of racking up over 100 million streams of their music to date, and that number is still climbing.

Christofer Johnsson comments:

“One day, I was thinking about epic doom metal and wondering if it is harder to write a ‘hit song’ in that genre, or if it’s harder in regular metal. I’m a huge fan of Candlemass, and in my opinion, I haven’t heard any other band match their hit songs in the genre. So, I decided to try to find out for myself how hard it is. Of course, I had to involve Thomas in the writing process, being an ex-Candlemass singer. The result was ‘Codex Gigas,’ a Candlemass -inspired, Therion doom song. If it’s a hit or not will be up to the fans to judge.”

Therion originally formed as a death metal band in the late ’80s but eventually morphed into the juggernaut it is today incorporating elements of orchestral, symphonic, and gothic metal elements into their music.

Stream and purchase Leviathan II here.

Visit Therion’s official website here.

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