Norma Jean have released a music video for “Everyone Talking Over Everyone Else.” The song is one of the heavier tunes across Polar Similar, the band’s seventh record since their inception. Featuring a bombastic approach to the songwriting, the song never lets the listener have a moment to catch their breath, chugging through riffs and blasting through rhythm sections without anything held back. This attitude seems to be what Norma Jean sought to capture across the entire record, a fire breathing group of musicians not ready to slow anything down.

The music video finds live shots of the band playing with an ominous lighting overhead. It’s a furious assault backed by quick changing camera angles between the band and a masked woman trying to escape from a labyrinth. There are also shots of the woman taking a sledgehammer to the wall, which is exactly what I want to be doing while listening to “Everyone Talking Over Everyone Else.” It’s shot beautifully in regards to the music, making sure the song’s pulse has a visual aesthetic attached to it, albeit a dark, eerie one at that. It’s the perfect soundtrack to Cory Brandan’s visceral screams as well. Watch Norma Jean’s frantic video below.

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The almighty Norma Jean are also featured on the latest cover of Issue 27 for New Noise Magazine, which can be purchased over at the New Noise Magazine store.

Norma Jean - New Noise Magazine Issue 27


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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