Pill Friends Premiere Music Video For “Holy Like You”

Pill Friends have just released their new music video for “Holy Like You.” The single is released as a part of Vancouver label File Under: Music’s new bi-weekly video single series One Song At A Time.

The track was specifically recorded for this video release. Though a lo-fi tag is never too far from a Pill Friends track, the Scott Stitzer produced “Holy Like You” is as crisp and warm as the lines and colors in the animated music video from Luke Ramsay. Luke was given free reign on the video and explained his process:

“I spent a lot of time listening to the song and connecting to it’s rhythm, wanting to show this movement syncing with the song. I intended the imagery to not be literal to the lyrics, because I like it when a music video adds a third layer to the song. I approached it with simplicity, like one of my paintings coming to life. For me, the imagery blends loneliness with belonging. It relates to an individual’s environment- a holy inspiration influencing holy inspection.”

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