MOA present their latest video, “Marbles,” out now. Check out the striking, black-and-white video below.

As the band’s deep feeling lyricist and frontman Daz Houghton describes, “Marbles is a reflection on adolescence and the years that follow as you get older. The way that things you see and do young can repeat and manifest throughout life, from taking acid in classrooms to witnessing and experiencing brutal violence. The valleys and peaks of navigating life in an environment where most people around you seem downtrodden and hopeless.”

The song also speak loudly of Daz’s experiences in his chosen profession as a construction worker, and the challenges that can come up for a creative soul who aches to pursue songwriting instead of obliterating Friday night knock-offs with the lads. He expands, “Trying to fit into work environments such as factories and construction where the climate is generally treacherous … A nod to the importance of friendship throughout testing times and how good stuff can still come out of the bad.”

The accompanying video features Daz slowly making his way to a pier pushing a wheelbarrow with a younger version of himself in tow. As the band’s producer and guitarist AJB explains, “The very initial idea to kill Daz came from a while ago when he said that work was killing him. Having a child represent Daz as a boy … and the lost innocence that’s inevitable. Also, the journey of Daz taking himself to be killed speaks about how it’s not just the path that’s laid out for you, but through the choices you make, that you are ultimately a willing participant in your own demise.”

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