Album Review: Chloe Mogg – The Crazy One


With a steadfast confidence, Chloe Mogg delivers her debut album The Crazy One, where she plunges into vulnerability and showcases her commendable musical abilities. The Crazy One sets out with the opening track of the same name, that instantaneously sets a clear tone- one fueled by anger and building towards a musical release. Yet as the album continues, Mogg is able to express a range of emotions and topics while maintaining sonic and lyrical motifs. 

With powerful, guttural vocals, Mogg sets her voice at the forefront of the album without diluting the impact of the rest of the band. Her voice perfectly aligns with the guitar tracks, creating a unison that impresses with ease. On slower tracks such as “Parrot” and “Cut Me Off,” Mogg enters a more somber and reflective state, which is matched by the droning guitar tone and delicate drum brushing. On tracks such as “Permission” and “Spelling Bee,” Mogg is able to present the angriest, boldest parts of herself in her voice, which again, aligns with a rougher, more rock influenced instrumentation.

Covering a range of topics from childhood memories to failed past relationships, the album moves between a plethora of emotional states, while keeping a sense of consistency in the underlying theme. The album unfolds in a way that is reminiscent of a coming of age movie, watching the main character navigate new challenges and difficult emotions, but in the end growing closer to a sense of self. 

Each track brings with it a slice of human experience and the emotions that come along with it, and when the final track “10 More” plays, it feels like a resolution, a sense of peace and self-assuredness that comes from persevering through life’s tribulations. Mogg’s The Crazy One is a raw venture into what it means to grow through the various stages of life, reflected in its vulnerable lyricism and thoughtful composition. 

Photo courtesy of Chloe Mogg.

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