Album Review: Negative Blast – Echo Planet


Once in a while, a punk record comes along, that is of the times, but outside of it, too. The debut album from San Diego’s Negative Blast, is one vicious ripper of a album, that draws influence from a wide range of influences, such as noise rock, classic punk, and even garage rock. All the band’s members have done time in hardcore bands, such as Lewd Acts, Hour Of The Wolf and OFF!, but this is something different, something exceptional. If you’re expecting the same old breakdowns and tropes, look elsewhere, but if you want something fresh and exciting, well, you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t get it wrong, this album is still played with ferocity and energy, it’s just that energy is channeled into different avenues of expression. It’s still a punk record, but one that expands the sonic boundaries of it. You’re just as likely to bop your head and cut a rug to this, as you are to rage. The best, I can say this is that record, while being, noisy and hard hitting, also is melodic, and doesn’t forgot to rock, either. (I think that’s a trait drummer Mario Rubalcaba brings in from some of his other bands such as Hot Snakes and Rocket From The Crypt.)

Opener “Boy Blues” starts the album with a neck snapping dose of sludgy, noise-laden groove. It’s a mid-paced banger, that is more noise-rock than noise-core. From there, we get “Trauma Bond”, which gets a little more frantic, and also melodic, but still hits with the wallop of noise punk. “Carbon Copy” continues down with this frantic pace, not forgetting to rock, while it rages. The title track, adds in some heavy, noisy, post punk sounds, and even a little psyche, to go along with the sludgy noise rock.  Closer “Egghead” puts its garage rock and classic punk influences to the forefront, ending on a groovy note.

Echo Planet is one killer record. Negative Blast’s ability to bring in all these disparate influences and combine them into one coherent, compelling and original sound is laudable. They’ve created a special album. I know, it’s early in the year, but I have a feeling this album will be considered one of the year’s best by the end of it. I know it is for me. Don’t sleep on this one. You’ll be missing out big time if you do.

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