EP Review: Vio-lence – Let The World Burn

After two long decades, American thrashers Vio-lence decided to come back to record new materials. It might also bring new hope to the listeners.

But perhaps it is not always the case that the comeback material follows the same path of the classic numbers of the artist. At a glance, the new EP of Vio-lence sounds good for great production, but it might get some hard time to get anyplace among the classic thrash metal releases that arrived over the years.

The opening track, “Flesh from Bone,” starts with a promising intro, leads to some monstrous riffs (especially the one that comes after the second chorus), and continues featuring blistering drumming. From here, it might feel like the record will move towards an imposing, wild, and classic structure and deliver an arsenal of intense thrash numbers. Well, “Screaming Always” delivers a few interesting guitar works in the middle of the song, and although some of these riffs give me the vibe of a thrill, that’s all about it.

That monotonous chorus kills the pleasure, and to be honest, the spoken words in the last minute of the song gave me the urgency to stop listening to it, but I finished it anyway. I am a huge fan of the old arcade video games of the 90s, and the intro of “Upon the Cross” reminds me of the last stage of one of those good old games. Some satisfying and fine guitar solos can be heard on this one.

Finally, “Gato Negro” has a notably listenable tune which makes the EP worthy of being recorded. The title track, “Let the World Burn,” was released earlier as a promotional song. This is probably the best song on the record. It has a kind of an Armageddon vibe as well as some great listenable spoken parts; it also features a good build-up, followed by great riffs.

The lineup has also gone through modifications. We have guitarist Bobby Gustafson (ex-Overkill) and bassist Christian Olde Wolbers (Powerflo, ex-Fear Factory) in the band now, but their contributions hardly helped the record reach the peak. The production is exceptionally good, I will give them that. However, it seems like a tough job to keep the same vibe after taking twenty years to return to the studio. Only one or one and a half of good songs barely make an EP a game-changer. Hopefully, we will get to hear an improved follow-up album real soon; who knows.

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