Album Review: Earth Groans – Rahab

Broadly, there’s a lot of metalcore out there, but the new Earth Groans EP, Rahab, still sticks out nicely anyway.

The release’s five tracks tread the line between pummeling metal and thoughtful introspection quite effectively. Listeners can either listen for the lyrics, the music, or both at the same time. That phenomena pretty much defines metalcore like Earth Groans makes at times; the band just elevates it to a new height. To use a convenient explanation, they sound like the perfect band to be served by the same label,  Solid State, that has handled popular alternative metal/metalcore trailblazers like Underoath.

Earth Groans stays well away from boringly endless breakdowns on Rahab. While maintaining the broad textural strokes that establish their metalcore style, their music takes unique and intriguing turns, feeling more energetic than some contemporaries out there. While something more straightforward might work for some bands, nobody wants to hear the same riffs over and over again while perusing new alternative metal releases. Earth Groans makes sure you don’t, sending listeners for a jagged, heavy journey through the band’s scribbling down of their unique take on the human existence.

Rahab feels like the band merging traditional thoughtful metalcore breakdowns with some of the fury of other styles that go further “out there” without any disjointed aftertaste. Through the release, effective songwriting defines the heaviness rather than being run over by it. The band sounds well produced and controlled and heavy, but still, at times, somewhat frantic feeling and loud, which sets them apart. They sound like they’ve reached the pinnacle of genre-based songwriting and left that wasteland behind for something greater.

Their songs just aren’t easily boxed in, which is always a great quality. The parts flow in and out of one another well. Rather than the sum of parts taken from here or there, Rahab stands on its own as a complete, dynamic metal release that has something to offer in every corner. Earth Groans proves with the release that they are the farthest thing from a one-trick pony.

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