Show Review: Conveyer, Withered Bones & More at Royal Skate & Apparel in Lansing, IL

Words & Photos by Kyle Bergfors

Wrapping up their busy year, consisting of a new full-length record and touring, Conveyer decided to bring the year to a close with one last fall tour featuring support from Withered Bones, Nanashi, Vices, and Speaker. I was very excited to finally catch Conveyer since every time they played the Chicago land area there’s some reason as to why I can not make it. Adding to my excited was being able to see them play new songs from their incredible, new record, No Future.

Deaf Ear started the show off and are also a brand spankin’ new band consisting of members from other Region area metal acts. What separates Deaf Ear from their other projects is how Deaf Ear takes a more death-core route compared a punky or old school metal approach. Deaf Ear doesn’t have any music out yet but be sure to keep them on your radar.

Following Deaf Ear was Monterrey who brought a slightly different sound and are usually the odd ball band, which isn’t a bad thing, on shows. Monterrey brings a more emotional and moody vibe when they play consisting of guitar driven and gritty hardcore esq yelling combine with soaring clean vocals, due to their heavy influence from old school emo and post-hardcore acts. If your’e a fan of Title Fight, Free Throw, Household, Basement, or Defeater then Monterrey is for you.

The last local of the show was Stoleaway who are a melodic hardcore/metalcore style band from Northwest Indiana. Stoleway are gearing up to really put themselves out there with the latest release of a single, “Submissive,” from their upcoming EP. After opening for such bands like Every Time I Die, 36 Crazy Fists, and more, be sure to have Stoleaway stored in the back of your mind.

The first out of town band was Unturned, who brought much more of a pop-punk/emo sound to the show and where also the underdog band that left attendees surprised and wanting more. Unturned released an amazing EP about a year ago and have been touring and making a name for themselves ever since. Unturned is perfect for fans of The Story So Far, Modern Baseball, and Such Gold.

Introducing the actual tour package was Nanashi and Withered Bones. Both bands brought their own unique and different take to melodic hardcore along with fitting absolutely perfectly on a tour bill with Conveyer. Both bands where the perfect openers to introduce to new listeners what the type of sound and style not just they where going for but also Conveyer. So be sure to check out both Nanashi and Withered Bones if they come through your city.

Last up and most anticipated was Conveyer of Victory Records. Fresh of their most recent release, No Future, Conveyer are sure to keep the hype rolling for them rather than taking a break from touring thus potentially allowing any momentum gain to be lost. No Future is still very much a melodic hardcore record along with sticking to their original sound, yet also showcases Conveyer’s growth and maturity as musicians by coupling a typical melodic hardcore sound heavy guitar driven section that make you question if it’s the same band you’re listening too. With this the vocals have only become fresher and grittier than before making Conveyer’s newer sound that much heavier and versatile than before. Their live performance only reflects and builds upon my points. One can instantly tell this is a band that performs and touring OFTEN along with the sheer, raw emotion being derived by raw melodic hardcore vocal styles being backed by heavy and crowd moving instrumentals. Conveyer is definitely a band you DO NOT want to sleep on so be sure to check out their newest record and see them live if they come near your city.

Deaf Ear

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Withered Bones

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