Sophie Powers is Having The Time Of Her Life On The “Sneaking Out Of Heaven” Tour

The artist talks about touring with pop-rock outfit Waterparks and her stage outfits.

Hyper-pop singer Sophie Powers is living her dream. Chatting backstage at Terminal 5 in New York City, a multilevel venue that the bands have sold out for one of their biggest shows yet before her opening set on tour with the burgeoning pop-rock group Waterparks, Powers is full of excitement about her show. “This is surreal and I can’t wait to get out there”, Powers tells New Noise right before she starts her set. In a relaxed mood before her set as her makeup artist applies shiny teal eyeshadow, Powers shows off her stage look—a denim outfit that sports embroidered flowers on the lower half of the look— is one that she is proud of. “It’s kind of like a Candian Tuxedo and it’s appropriate because I’m from Canada and because I love denim. I wanted to have a little bit of a Britney Spears moment [like] when she and JT wore all of that denim. There’s this belt with a 3D-printed version of my logo that I designed.” Gesturing to the belt, Powers shows off both the logo and the stars that were added to the jeans, making them both match the singer’s makeup for a look that is a cross between “Y2K meets modern rowdy.”

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Powers has always forged her path in the music industry. Her music has a deeply rebellious spirit – the result of an upbringing listening to iconoclastic stars like Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, Bruce Springsteen, and more. She was only 16 when she convinced her parents to drop out of high school and move to LA to pursue her dreams of being an artist. Two years later, she found herself on tour across the US where she caught the attention of several labels and ended up signing with Atlantic. Not only is she such an incredible pop star, but she’s also a fashion designer who creates her show/concert looks. As with her music, there’s nothing cookie-cutter about her looks – her attention-grabbing style speaks to her unique wide-ranging tastes. At such a young age, she’s already amassed a huge fan base and praise from fans/critics alike. Whether it’s making viral anthems or writing about universal themes around love and growing up Powers has gotten the formula for creating cheeky, addictive, and personal pop that is still highly relatable for the listener.

Sophie Powers commands the stage at Terminal 5 in NYC. (Credit: Christina Bryson)

Powers’ recent single “Obsessed” solidifies the counterculture spirit of the singer, taking on toxic romance over an addictive pop instrumental. Written from the perspective of a non-judgmental girl who makes some questionable romantic choices and plays into the idea that a little obsession doesn’t hurt anyone (most of the time), Powers says that the song is “super fun” to perform and is one that she starts her set off with. ” The fan response has been so good. It just encourages me more.” With a rotating set list for this tour, Powers breaks up the lists using Set A and Set B as titles and always starts off her set with a single. “Obsessed is the starting song on both sets because it sets the tone for the night. It’s a fun one.”

For Powers,  touring with Waterparks is nothing new. “It’s the second time that I’m touring with them so I think we’ve gotten used to each other. But, they’re awesome, all of them are seriously so talented. They’re always down for the talking bits I do on stage.” In addition to admiring their talents, Powers is a fan of the band. ‘ This time around, the crowds are bigger, more enthusiastic, and ready to party, possibly something that can add pressure for the performer. Nonetheless, Powers gives an energetic and fun performance for fans who jump and sing along to her tunes. The singer’s mission of injecting emotion into an alienated pop landscape is accomplished through the artist’s emotive vocals and performance in which she whips her hair back and forth, poses on stage, banters with the audience, and visibly enjoys herself.

Whether one is a first-time listener or an avid fan, Powers is a pop singer who can reach a wide audience. Authenticity, boundary-breaking, and innovation define the singer’s music and pop persona. Outside of this tour and the new single, Powers has many more exciting things on the way. She is one to watch for everyone in the music world.

Sophie Powers commands the stage at Terminal 5 in NYC. (Credit: Christina Bryson)
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