After an eight-year hiatus, The Aggrolites have finally announced their forthcoming album, REGGAE NOW! that’s due for release on 5/24 through their life-long friends and label-mates Pirates Press Records. “I’ve known [Pirates Press Records owner] Skippy since I was 17,” says Wagner. “Over the years, seeing how much he’s progressed and knowing what kind of respect everybody has for him … He’s one of those people we trusted to know what to do with the Aggrolite name and image.”

Wager explains that their eight-year hiatus was just a matter of a burn out with recording new music, but throughout this time they continued to play many gigs and explore creative endeavors. Then, after one recording session in 2018, a light sparked within all the bandmates to produce new music, which kicked off the making of REGGAE NOW! Wager explains that they have re-recorded three songs from 2015 as well as 11 original songs. Check out their first single release off the new record, “Pound for Pound,” below!

Accompanying the new record, The Aggrolites will kick off their summer 2019 tour on 5/29 in San Jose, CA with supporting acts Tomorrows Bad Seeds and Mike Pinto. Check out the dates below and purchase your tickets HERE. 
The Aggrolites Summer Tour 2019

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