Today’s New Noise: ALT BLK ERA

Welcome to the working week, rockers! ALT BLK ERA are a genre-bending alt-rock/rap sister duo from the UK. They recently put out their debut EP Freak Show and it’s currently streaming both on their Soundcloud and their Bandcamp.

The album starts off with “I’m Normally Like This” which includes a synth-heavy darkwave intro before it turns into a rock-driven pop song with infectious electronic beats. Then “Misfits: SOLAR” brings out the synths and electronic beats again as the sisters deliver vocals that alternate between singing and scream-rapping, creating a powerful sense of immediacy.

The title track opens on the creepy sounds of what sounds to be a harpsichord but then quickly transforms into a terrifying electronic soundscape with elements of dubstep and more alternating between singing and aggressive rap vocals. “Misfits: LUNAR” isn’t an alternate version of “Misfits: SOLAR,” but more a spiritual companion piece with its epic combination of electronic and classical elements, making for something that sounds deeply apocalyptic. Finally, “Oggy” ends the EP with a guitar-heavy track that sees the sisters rap-rocking their way to the album’s conclusion.

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Photo courtesy of Fabrice Gagos

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