Today’s New Noise: Midas Fall

Happy hump day, everyone. Midas Fall are an alt-rock/electronica group out of Scotland. They recently put out a new single and video called “Cold Waves Divide Us” which is the title track off their upcoming album due out March 8 on Monotreme Records. The video is streaming right now on YouTube.

The song is eerie and ethereal, creating a great sense of mood with the music and mesmerizing vocals. The video is visually stunning, using what appears to be time-lapse technology to create a bizarre yet astonishing effect. It seems hard to imagine that this video didn’t take a huge amount of effort and time to produce, but the final product is absolutely a sight to behold. You’ll want to check out the video from Gabriele Ottino and Sharon Ritossa of Riot Studio below.

You can preorder the digital album of Cold Waves Divide Us directly from Monotreme Records. Follow Midas Fall on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Midas Fall 

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