Words and photos by Joe Calixto
Day 3 photos by Alleen Hughes
City Mourge photo by Jonathan Erik

On its 12th year running, Travis Barker and KROQ present Musink, the annual music festival, and tattoo convention in the heart of Orange County. The event showcased tons of the world’s top tattoo shops and tattoo artists, some of the countries most beautiful low riders and some of the music scenes top and up-and-coming acts.

The opening day brought us the heavier side of things like the OC’s very own Bleeding Through got the day’s music and circle pits started. Being the hometown band, the crowd definitely came through early for these metalcore heavy hitters.  Shortly after, New York hardcore legends Sick of it All graced the festival with their signature NYHC sound and their incredible energy. This band is the manifestation that age isn’t a damn thing when you’re having fun.

Celebrating 25 years of being a band, Hatebreed stopped by the annual festival and just ran through all their hits. Giving Orange County something to go completely insane with. Circle pits, crowd surfing, mosh pits, fist pumps, gang vocals. You name it, their set had it. If there wasn’t a photo pit, I would definitely add stage dives in this list. Just like SOIA, Hatebreed has overcome the test of time and they don’t look like they’re about to slow down.

Closing the first day of Musink 2019 was California thrash legends, Suicidal Tendencies. The hangar was completely packed by this time. It felt like every single person in that festival was watching SxTx but who are we kidding, you gotta at least have seen this band once or twice in your life. Doesn’t even matter if you don’t own a bandana or a chained wallet.  You just gotta! and just like what one of their records said, STILL CYCO, AFTER ALL, THESE YEARS!

Fast forward to day 2, there wasn’t a lot of musical acts but there was one thing that was in everyone’s minds, LIMP BIZKIT. Before we touch on that, New York’s City Mourge got the party started with such an intense performance. Festival founder Travis Barker was DJing in between sets that kept the crowd in the venue and vibe with some of the jams. Also, Sullen’s Miss Musink was in between the musical acts. Next up on stage was H09909, who gave their unique hip-hop meets hardcore punk sound. I definitely became a fan after seeing that. (Although I didn’t get to shoot them, coz they played 10 mins early, it was still an incredible set to catch)

Now the shit we all been waiting for. Being on top of the rock world for over a decade, Limp Bizkit took a quick little break and coming back didn’t really treat them as well as the first decade but the band kept the ball rolling (no pun intended) and picked up steam from signing to Cash Money, and dropping from them to countless festival appearances, to their Europe tour with Korn. The band finally comes back to California with the complete original line up. Yes! Fred Durst, check. Wes Borland, check. Sam Rivers, check. John Otto, check. DJ Lethal, check!  They threw a small venue show a few days back at the Troubadour, with tickets selling for only $3 that sold out in literally seconds.

The band came out to an insanely packed hangar and just starts off with a “lovely” little tune called Hot Dog and then straight to Break Stuff. Everyone (including me) went absolutely insane! Like IN-fucking-SANE! Guitar player Wes Borland played the entire last half of the song crowd surfing and it was nuts. I was only allowed to be in the pit for 2 songs. So I ran straight to the crowd to snap a couple more photos and after that, I just spent the rest of the night singing along to the hits. The band went all out with the song selection including a covers medley that had a Green Day , Nirvana and Pantera cover.  Limp Bizkit ended their set and day 2 of Musink with their MI:2 soundtrack hit ‘Take A Look Around’. Complete insanity!

Fun Fact: When I was in high school , I joined a band to do Limp Bizkit covers and we ended up being an Incubus cover band. Yeah.. we sure loved Family Values.

I wasn’t able to attend the third day of Musink, coz my bad knees can only take 2 days of festival work for now but I can say that Musink is all about the legends and the hitters. Sunday was definitely punk as fuck, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Anti-Flag, TSOL, Dead Kennedys, Fear and one of my favorites growing up, The Vandals.

The entire festival was just a gathering of every possible scene we can think off. And I definitely can’t wait for what 2020 is gonna bring! Travis and KROQ.. please never stop this!




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