Valentine’s Day may be around the corner, but Broke Royals still have a pretty bleak take on love. Check out “Love & Tatters” here.

“We try to view everything as black and white, good or bad,” the band says. “But relationships can never be that way because rarely are people all good or all bad. And even good people can be bad for us. We wrote this song about just that. The person you love not being right for you and not being able to recognize it. So you hold on tighter hoping it will get better, but in reality you’re both just tearing each other apart.”

“Love & Tatters” lands a dynamite haymaker of a drumbeat on you right out of the gate, soon joined by an ethereal loop and chiming guitar that set the stage for a love story that’s messy, misguided, and most of all real. It’s a rock anthem that drives like it’s trying to escape its fate.

By now, we’ve all had it drilled into our heads that “love conquers all,” but singer Basnight knows conquest don’t come easy. There’s a dark side, sure, but in the hands of Broke Royals, it becomes breathless, light-headed pop perfection, an ever-crescendoing celebration song of us-against-the-odds.

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