Video Premiere: Chalk Hands – ‘Fail, Grasp, Restore’

Ahead of the release of their debut album, Don’t Think About Death, Chalk Hands are releasing their LP’s opening song, lead single, and video, “Fall, Grasp, Restore.”

Before the song was even written, the band knew they wanted a really dramatic, almost cinematic opener, to set the tone within seconds, according to guitarist and vocalist, Antoine.

“I hope we’ve achieved that,” Antoine says. “As a first single (and opening track) we wanted something that encapsulates everything the band and album is about, from huge emotional post-rock builds to frantic math-rock tinged screamo sections, always following a nonlinear structure that takes you on an ever-changing and tortuous journey.”

Guitarist, vocalist, and lyricist Tommy adds that it’s a song about questioning yourself, asserting where you’re at, and imagining how your current actions could paint your future.

“It’s hard to have pure confidence in the choices you make,” Tommy says. “There may be days in which you feel sure of yourself, but then there are always going to be days where you can’t help but battle with doubt. The song, in short, asks if you feel you have made the most out of your time, with the one body you are given. You learn to live with the scars made from bad choices and you carry your achievements everywhere you go. You take all of this forward and it will inevitably take part in who you will become, so who will you become?”

Ultimately, he says the song is about acceptance, the desire to be at peace with where you are, and learning to deal with your past in the healthiest way, also allowing your experience to inform and improve your future.

Watch the video for “Fail, Grasp, Restore” here:

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Photo courtesy of Chalk Hands

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