The world is an uncertain place, and it’s easy to feel unmoored, adrift on a wave indecision and paralysis. And yet we find our way. Day by day. Step by step. We make our way.

If you are feeling like you’ve been carried out to sea and can’t find your way back, let Illinois metalcore maniacs DEMATERIALIZE guide you back to shore. DEMATERIALIZE just released a new video for the song “Lighthouse,” which you can check out below.

“Lighthouse” is from DEMATERIALIZE’s debut album Omniscience out TODAY via Famined Records. And, as a special gift to you, our faithful readers, we have a track-by-track breakdown of the new record courtesy of the band.

Binary Sunset: Lyrically, the song explores humanity’s tendency to put up walls (literally and figuratively) to keep others out rather than banding together in times of crisis. Big problems cannot be solved by single people alone, but with the help of others, our species is capable of invoking dramatic change. Crazier than that though, Craig wrote the instrumental for this in a day and made the whole band go dummy bananas 0 to 100 no cap. 

Astral: “Astral” is the biggest departure from our usual sound, being the first song to prominently feature a strong, anthemic chorus surrounded by our usual heaviness. We set out to really push the boundaries of what we could incorporate into our writing, and the addition of clean vocals gave us a new element to use in our music. Collaboratively, we wrote the lyrics to this song about identifying toxic people in your life and moving on without them to make space for a brighter future. 

Transcendence: The first song we finished writing for the record was Transcendence. Jeremy started to weave more melodic elements into our songs while keeping the usual heaviness of our sound. The lyrics of finding one’s self came naturally as the theme fit with the melodic style of this track. Everyone in life goes through periods of growth within their mind, and we funneled that emotion into this song.

Summer: The injustice surrounding the No DAPL movement inspired Stephen’s lyrics for this song. Clean water is essential to our survival as a society and should be seen as a fundamental right to all of us who share the Earth. Profit should never threaten access to essential resources, and we need to stand together to fight those who jeopardize our rights. While at the studio, Kalan from Notions jumped on this track and absolutely slayed his parts.

Fun fact: we titled the song “Summer” because Craig’s band Speaking With Ghosts wrote a song called “Winter,” and we are very funny. 

Essence Harvest: While demoing our song “DOOM,” a conversation about the existence of life beyond our Earth arose. Thus came the notion that we needed to write a song about aliens. Naturally, we paired these lyrics with the most out of this world instrumental we’ve ever made. Bryce says these are craziest drum grooves he has ever written. Lyrically, we entertained the idea of advanced beings imparting an abductee with the knowledge of humanities fate should our species continue to consume the planet without regard for the consequences. 

Lighthouse: “Lighthouse” is about finding light in the darkness of life. Like moths to flames, we are constantly searching for guidance and answers in a sea of uncertainty. However, the journey can be dark and unforgiving. In this song, we discuss that journey with punishing riffs from down below to accentuate the chaos of life. To find light is to find meaning in life and the motivation to pursue one’s passions.

Get a copy of Omniscience from Famined Records here.


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