Out on their latest album, Liminal, via Crazysane Records, Entropy’s “The Enemy Doesn’t Sleep” is DIY punk at its finest. 


“Skateboarding and DIY punk/hardcore have always been closely intertwined,” the band explains. “This is especially true of Münster, an otherwise unassuming college town in Germany, which has always had a vital underground music scene which Entropy emerged from. It has also been one of the pivotal centers of skate culture.

“We wanted to capture some of that spirit, and our friends from Koloss represent the interconnectedness of music and skateboarding like no other brand. Visually, the skateboarding has a dynamic, yet also strangely serene quality that nicely complements the song’s lyrics, which deal with the back-and-forth of manic and more subdued states of mind.”

Get the album here. 


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