Flight Attendant’s “Man of Chaos” will be released June 26 via Moraine Music, but you can hear it with us first.

Flight Attendant are a psychedelic space rock band from Nashville, TN. It’s not easy making a name for yourself in a city with so many talented musicians, but Flight Attendant somehow found a way to rise to the top of the heap. Maybe it’s their stellar live show or perhaps their unlimited creativity that is on display in the band’s DIY video for new single, “Man of Chaos.”

The band blend crunchy guitars and a driving rhythm section with a mix of eerie vocals, keys, and frickin’ viola! The “Man of Chaos” video was created during quarantine by the band shooting themselves on iPhones with the final product assembled by their viola player, Nikki Christie.

Flight Attendant is currently hard at work on their debut LP which is being produced by Grammy winning Charlies Yingling at the Blueroom Studios. With plans for the album to be released this year, you can guarantee they will make a lot of critics’ “band to watch” list!

What was the unique, quarantine recording process like for this video, and why did you choose to make it?
I think we all can agree that it is hard to recall a time quite as chaotic as the one we found ourselves in these past few months. In Nashville, the Tornado began the whirlwind of disorientation for us in the band—and it just seems to have grown in chaos ever since. This quickly shifting sense of reality has instilled an intense, artistic motivation in our group.

Since we couldn’t physically get together to write and jam for two months, we began sending each other weird videos that we were playing with on our phones. Nikki had the idea to piece them together into a chaotic collage of moods to fit our new single, “Man of Chaos.” With Nikki’s direction, we twisted the lights in our houses, splashed mud on our faces, made showers into fog machines and produced our first music video with just our iPhones.

Because we made this entire video from the bubble of our own band, we were all able to express ourselves honestly and create something that represents a feeling I think a lot of us have: lack of control. Chaos means to be without control in a formless and random universe. But, If we are all feeling that chaotic energy together and able to express it outwardly and create art from it—doesn’t that give it all some purpose? Doesn’t that transform chaos into a catalyst for change?

Is this tied to a release you want to promote? if so, tell us more about that.
We plan to release “Man of Chaos” as a single June 26. I wouldn’t say this about many of our songs, but the time to release this track is now.

 We are also working to complete our debut LP, which we hope to release in fall 2020.

What is the main lyrical message of the song and video?
The track shines a light on that dark and creeping, chaotic energy, slowly seeping through the cracks of social turbulence.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
“Man of Chaos,” is a song that has always been about waking up to a certain side of yourself. Chaos is a catalyst for change, and I hope that our artistic expression of chaos through this song and video—can help somehow tip the scale towards that unapologetic change so many are long overdue.

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