Heads. , the three-piece band from Berlin and Melbourne, are back with PUSH after their critically acclaimed debut Collider. “Loyalty” is taken from the new album recorded in Berlin by Kadavar’s Christoph Bartelt, while Magnus Lindberg of The Refused and Cult Of Luna took care of mixing and mastering.

The video was directed by the Australian filmmaker Wilson Bambrick and it visually shows the massive step forward Heads made with PUSH. “Shot under the veil of first wave of covid breakouts in Victoria, Australia,”he says. “Loyalty asks the viewer if a memory can be the same as an experience when there’s no longer an option to do the latter. The simple question ‘where is home’ also looms.”

This record is a wall of sound, a giant masterpiece everyone should listen to. Heads. continues to evolve their very own blend of Noise-Rock, Post-Punk and Alternative Rock. Upon the bands’ sprawling soundscape you’ll hear Ed Fraser’s voice preaching their message – experimental, wild, distinguished and radical, yet still catchy.

Appearing throughout the record you’ll hear guest musicians including Kristof Hahn (Swans), Matthias Feit (Radare) and Markus E. Lipka (Eisenvater).

“From start until end Push is about distance, adaptation, change and connection,“ the band comments. “Each song will tell you a story, the album is a narration on empty places, weather beatings, toxic things. We’ve been calling Push our ‘Berlin’ record as this is the first time we’ve made an album in Berlin, where we were all living at the time. Recorded with Christoph Bartelt from Kadavar in their top floor studio in an old warehouse; for a couple of weeks every morning we’d travel through East Berlin to some mechanics factories, climb to the top of some dirty old concrete stairs, through a heavy steel door and into a beautiful wood-panelled clean haven of a studio where we’d all get to work.Being local meant we could have people like Kristof Hahn from Swans come in and play on the album, and it meant we could make Push quickly. Magnus Lindberg of Cult Of Luna, our frequent collaborator, mixed and mastered Push in Stockholm, he has our sound more accurate than ever this time. There’s more guests and more stories to come, we’re excited to share Push with you.”

is Ed Fraser (vocals, guitar), Chris Breuer (bass) and Nic Stockmann (drums). Founded in Berlin in 2014 the trio released their self-titled debut EP in 2015 on This Charming Man Records, then played more than 100 shows all around the globe with artists such as Metz, Daughters, Nothing, Protomartyr and Whores. 2018 saw the release of the bands’ acclaimed full-length Colliderfollowed by more EU and US touring.

PUSH was released on May 29th via Glitterhouse Records and followed by extensive touring from the band.


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