Video Premiere: Said Sara – ‘For Anyone’

It may seem paradoxical that David Benson—drummer of San Francisco crusty death metal doyens Acephalix—is also a singer-songwriter, but he just dropped his debut, self-titled EP under the sobriquet Said Sara, which takes more influence from Cat Stevens than Celtic Frost. Check out the video for “For Anyone” from the record.

He says it’s truly in the blood. “Half of these songs have been slowly developing in my head since the early 90s. The other half just flowed during the shelter-in-place.”

While advantageous is not a word that should be associated with a pandemic, the six-song, self-titled EP was born of an open window of opportunity. Said Sara’s nascency is no accident, however. A handful of in-the-know Gen Xers will recall that Benson was the frontman for genre-bending San Francisco band Transition, whose 1994 release “Spine” (SST Records 302) flew just below the radar.

Mentions of Transition years since often include the assertion that the band’s alloy of melodic emotion and coarse urgency put them ahead of their time. The collection of songs on the Said Sara release simultaneously exemplify modernity and familiarity. For David Benson, it’s come full-circle.

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