Coffee is the only way that sleep-deprived Atlanta indie-punk trio The Carolyn, get up, put pants on, go to work, and remember to send us the video link for their premiere. Without it, they’d probably be bumping into a wall somewhere like a glitching NPC, or drooling in a rocking chair somewhere. I’d probably be in the same boat right now without a press pot by my side.

Now due to the magic of caffeine, New Noise are able to premiere for you the new video from The Carolyn’s song “Heavy Eyes.”

Make yourself a pour-over, and hit play below:

“Heavy Eyes” was directed by Troy Prater at Play Dead Pictures, with the first appearing on The Carolyn’s 2019 album This Will Begin To Make Things Right.

On the inspiration for the song and new video, The Carolyn say the following:

“Oli (vocalst/bassist) and I rely on caffeine to get through our daily routine; therefore, it made sense to name this endeavor after a song which speaks to that. If anything, shooting the video for ‘Heavy Eyes’ provided a much-needed outlet for The Carolyn.

“Revisiting Heavy Eyes with a new video and coffee blend was instrumental in making me realize I really need this band. This is what I do. If I keep focusing on this, I’m at least moving forward in something I can control.”

The “Heavy Eyes” video is dropping on the same day the band are releasing the limited-edition, custom coffee blend. “Heavy Eyes,” aptly named after the song, is a collaboration between The Carolyn and Atlanta-based, Unknown Coffee Co. 

“Part of our culture at 59 X Records is working with other creatives in our local communities. Ashton [the founder of Unknown Coffee Co.] has been a friend to our band and label. It was a no-brainer to partner with him on our Heavy Eyes blend when he launched his coffee company,” states Andrew Patrick.

The rich, bold blend perfectly reflects the tenacity of the band, struggling to balance the absurdity of 2020 while taking care of their families and themselves. The limited-edition blend will be exclusively for sale online at the 59 X Records webstore.

Photo by The Carolyn

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