Portland OR’s Era Bleak will release their debut, self-titled LP on Dirt Cult Records on August 15, but the band have been making good use of their COVID-19-induced downtime by leaking homemade social distancing music videos for “Era Bleak” and “Mind Control Tower” from the album.

Era Bleak take everything you love about 80’s, SoCal hardcore and update it for these bleak times. As manifestos go, it’s difficult to argue with a statement as darkly straightforward as: ‘Things get shittier every week / No hope for the future in this era bleak.’ That’s from the opening verse to Era Bleak’s theme song, which also happens to open up their debut album.

It’s as accurate a summary of 2020 as you’re likely to find, made all the more emphatic by a frantic spasm of nervy guitar jerks and 100mph rhythm section that knows the best way to get you there. Whether you’re looking for a soundtrack or antidote to—or even simply a distraction from—the horrors of the age, this record has most assuredly got your back.

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