Video Spotlight: Mashville ft. Sian Michelle – ‘Disinformation’

Rising pop-collective Mashville has been making waves since late last year. Bursting onto the scene in 2022 with dancefloor anthem  “Rise Up” , this group of 5 powerful vocalists (and their ace production and writing team) is poised to be a musical force to be reckoned with. Comprised of Sian Michelle, Caleb Minter, Ari Zizzo, Jada Arnell and Nova Chez, Mashville is churning out the hits with a powerful mission statement – to create music that inspires and unites people and communities.

“Disinformation” differs wildly from the groups debut single, showing just how fearless the collective is about exploring the sonic landscape of pop, pop-punk and everything in between. Featured vocalist Sian Michelle steps into the spotlight as a powerhouse performer capable of channeling giants like Janis Joplin and Avril Lavigne while retaining her own unique style. The song itself will appeal to fans of Meet Me At The Altar, Paramore and Hey Violet, blending punchy pop-punk with huge radio friendly production.

The “Disinformation” official music video directed by Ben Samuels is impressive to say the least, adding a cinematic narrative to the songs message about the importance of objective truth. You can check it out below, right here at New Noise Magazine.

Vocalist Sian Michelle has this to say about the meaning of the song:

“‘Disinformation’ is a song that resonates deeply with me. Social media makes it easy for people to lie in order to feel superior to others. I know how it feels to be the one being lied about. I feel very strongly that we have a responsibility to tell the truth regardless of our opinions, be told the truth by those in power and to be portrayed fairly to others in our personal lives….and this is my FUCK YOU to people who would have it any other way!”

Mashville founder and songwriter Marc Benjamin has this to add about the songs message:

“Disinformation is responsible for so many things that are wrong with the world, from depression and suicide to invasions and genocide. Fighting for truth is a huge part of what Mashville is about. I wrote ‘Disinformation’ a week after Putin’s brazen attack on the people of Ukraine, justified by false claims of genocide and ‘pro-Nazi’ leadership. But the song is a universal rallying cry for truth – a ‘fuck you’ to the manipulators and a ‘let’s go’ to the victims to question everything…and do the work expose and defend the truth!” 


You can learn more about the Mashville mission and stream their music here. Make sure you follow the group on IG, TikTok and Spotify






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