News: White Lung Release Final Album, Premonition

On Friday, December 2, Vancouver punk rockers White Lung released their fifth and final studio album via Domino.

Titled Premonition, the trio originally set out to record the record in 2017 in their hometown. However, a series of life events, including the pregnancy of their lead vocalist followed shortly by a worldwide pandemic, stalled the release of the record. All of these circumstances culminated in richer, more honest tones as the band—and particularly frontwoman Mish Barber-Way—dove deeper for their last foray and fairwell.

But fans need not despair just yet. In addition to the album, White Lung released an accompanying music video, “Bird.” Soaked in a frenetic, home-video style, the comment section for the video bleeds fairwells to the beloved band as fans take in White Lung’s last chords and visuals.

Featured photo by Lindsey Barnes

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