The Descendents’ third album, Enjoy!, is 35-years-old.

Following on from the melodic developments on their sophomore effort, I Don’t Want to Grow Up (1985), the band take that title literally, as the opening track, “Enjoy,” throws clumps of toilet humor at the listener. This makes the following track, a cover of the Beach Boys’ “Wendy,” all the more surprising, before “Kids” offers something reminiscent of their 1982 debut, Milo Goes to College: a short, sharp smack of hardcore-tinged punk, clocking in at under a minute.

There’s metal scattered across the album in songs such as “Green,” “Days Are Blood,” “Hürtin’ Crüe,” and “Orgo 51.” The latter is an instrumental and was added onto the CD and cassette releases, along with “Orgofart,” which consists entirely of flatulence. The belated inclusion of “Orgofart” is a shame really, as it leaves an unnecessarily bad smell in the wake of the excellent pop-punk tune “Get the Time.” “Cheer” – which followed “Get the Time” on the vinyl – is another strong pop-punk track, with both being clear reasons for their influence on that genre. 

In essence, Enjoy! blends punk, metal and puerility. Whilst perhaps not as consistent as the two albums that preceded it, the band are to be commended for branching out. “Days Are Blood,” for instance, is close to eight minutes long and utterly unexpected in that respect. Regardless, there’s enough here to enjoy and it’s undeniable that what the Descendents do well, they do well. However, as something of a mixed bag musically, it’s a half-hour reserved primarily for fans.


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