Today’s Bandcamp is brought to you by hardcore quintet Inner Turmoil, hailing from Pennsylvania’s state capital of Harrisburg. Inner Turmoil got their start as a studio project to celebrate the third sobriety anniversary date of drummer Jeff Zalesak.

The band quickly began to make their mark on the infamous PAHC scene that is known for producing heavy hitters such as Wisdom In ChainsStrength For A Reason, and Clubber Lang.

Inner Turmoil epitomizes the fight of the underdog, drawing inspiration from the struggles they have battled and the challenges they have overcame. Never looking for a handout, they take control and win their fans over with their love and conviction for the music they produce, which hits heavy and hard. Continuing to represent the true meaning of hardcore, they sing and play from the heart, going straight for the throat with a no frills approach to their sound.

With roots deep into the U.S. hardcore scene, Inner Turmoil found a home with Upstate Records earlier this year. They will be partnering with Blood Blast Distribution (Nuclear Blast) to release their new EP Raised Through Aggression on August 21, 2020.

Listen to Inner Turmoil on Bandcamp here.

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