Bandcamp of the Day: The Lovecraft Sextet

The Lovecraft Sextet are a self-described doom jazz/neo-classical group that claim to hail from Vatican City itself.

They’re releasing a new album called Miserere this coming Friday on Debemur Morti Productions. The album is inspired by Psalm 51 by 17th century Italian composer Gregorio Allegri. There are two tracks already available: “Miserere [Opus I]-Occulta” and “Miserere [Opus III]-Sanctum.” Both use jazz instruments to create a soft, ethereal, atmospheric sound that’s darkly haunting and gothic. It basically finds the middle ground you didn’t know existed between jazz, classical, and goth music.

The new album is available now for preorder on both their Bandcamp and the Debemur Morti website.

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