Hells Headbangers serve up a vile heap here as we thank the dark lord the boys in BAT are back. Those dudes are, of course, Felix Griffin, drummer of DRI’s 4 first iconic albums, joined by Ryan Waste and Nick Pulous of Municipal Waste. This video is the title track off of Axestasy, their upcoming EP. This will be out April 26 on 12″ vinyl and CD, although no pre-orders are up yet.

BAT spew forth five songs (plus an interlude) of splattering mayhem in under 14 minutes, outdoing last year’s record, Ritual Fool. Their version of super-tight, thrashing-mad metal blends Discharge, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Venom, The Accused, and Bathory.

 BAT has been slinging some S&M sleaze in a dirty rotten version of NWOBHM mixed with D-Beat and American crossover. Here, the rage is topped with vocals gruffly barked (sounding like X-Cops) set to horrible tales of unkempt ladies and the darker side of rock and roll. The cover picture of Axestasy and titles like “Long Live the Lewd” and “Wild Fever” let you know BAT is here to continue their disgusting onslaught.


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