News: Danzig (Mother)’s Day Coloring Contest

Words & Imagery By Scott Murry

This is a very special day. It is Mother’s Day. Every one of you reading this has a mother somewhere—unless you’re born in a petri dish, but I don’t think we’re there yet.

Did you call your mom? Did you send her a text? If not, you might want to color in this illustration of Glenn Danzig for her. She will most certainly appreciate it. Danzig, whom we love for his songs in the Misfits and the eponymous band in which he gave us “Mother,” knows a thing or two about moms.

He also, as is well-documented, is an excellent grocery store conquerer. In these strange, COVID-19 times, rest assured, Danzig has picked up the essentials.

And a coloring contest? Yes, you heard that right! Beyond sharing this with your mother, share it back with us! Download the high res line art HERE, and share it on your instagram page in stories or a post. Be sure to tag @newnoisemagazine and use the hashtag #DanzigMothersDay.

We’ll share our favorite entries, and the créme de la créme colorer will win a year subscription to our fine publication. That’s right! A full year with flexis, my friend! Submit your entries May 10 – May 16. We’ll share the winner on May 17, 2020.

Again, download HERE!

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