Video Premiere: Feyer – “Parties!”

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Feyer’s music video for their song “Parties!” (watch it below). Currently residing in Brooklyn, Feyer has been heating up the NYC scene with his vibrant live shows, and eclectic collection of songs. The video for “Parties!” gives us a further look into his artistic vision that has on the edge of our seats from start to finish.

You can stream/download the band’s music here: Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music/ iTunes | Soundcloud

Feyer share about the video:

“I’m very excited to release the new music video for “Parties!” This video was one of the bigger productions I’ve done, and unlike previous music videos, I decided to get a bunch of friends involved. The video was directed by my college friend Bettina Campomanes (who also performs as a musician under the name Valiant Vermin). Since we were shooting on a Saturday night, we came up with the idea of throwing an actual party for this music video. With confetti and balloons! The song itself touches on the feelings of social anxiety and isolation that can come with going to a party, which is why I put on a mask in the video; sometimes at big social gatherings, I feel that I’m at my most confident if I’m hiding my face. Notice how the masked character starts off just looking around at other people having a good time, but then gradually becomes the center of attention at the party. I’m hoping that others will relate to that feeling of being alone in a crowd, yet simultaneously trying to have a good time. The shoot itself wound up getting quite chaotic because we had a four-hour time limit in the space, and real alcohol was in those cups, but it makes for a good puke-filled story.”

About the band:

Feyer constructs his unique sound by combining personal yet theatrical lyrics with a classically influenced melodic and instrumental style, coupled with electronic-rock production. Key components of Feyer’s style are the merger of retro and futuristic sounds and the incorporation of visual elements into the mix, drawing great influence from nostalgic cartoons, video games, and live projections. Now based back in NYC, Feyer has showcased this music at many of the city’s well-known venues such as Mercury Lounge, Bowery Electric, Knitting Factory, and Sunnyvale to name a few. When he is not working on his own music, Feyer can be found involving himself with other projects with a number of different artists and bands all across the music world. This includes recording, producing, and remixing other artists, songwriting collaborations, and composing and sound designing for films, shows, video games, commercials and audiobooks.

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