Video Premiere: Dre DiMura – ‘Drunk at a Funeral’

Dre DiMura just premiered a new video for something we can all relate to a little too well—being “Drunk at a Funeral.”

While his peers were studying for their SATs, Dre DiMura was backing up musicians like Gloria Gaynor and Dee Snider, touring the world, and cutting his teeth as a performer in the pressure cookers of New York and Los Angeles. Most recently, he’s been on tour with E7 Records anti-heroine, Diamante, supporting Breaking Benjamin on their North American amphitheater tour.

“Drunk at a Funeral” is the second single from DiMura produced by multi-platinum Finnish producer, Jukka B. The duo met at a party in early 2017 and started collaborating in Vegas just over a year ago. It’s the follow-up to DiMura’s first solo single, “Suicide Hotline,” which was released in February 2019.

“‘Drunk at a Funeral’ is an expression of pure emo, before it slept with Mumble rap and gave birth to face tats and songs about Codeine. We need to make emo great again,” he says.

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